Friday, August 27, 2010

Is market leading to bull market correction

Guys I am back with market gyan again...
Couple of times I wrote in last postings that in last one year market has witnessed...

--> 2Months Bull Run
--> 1 Months Bear Run

Now coming to today's topic, I am calling this correction as Bull market correction instead of just a profit booking. Just have look at below 2 charts...

So from these two charts you can notice following points...

--> Market closed below 20 DMA & just above 50 DMA
--> Market closed below psychological level of 5450 & 5420
--> RSI is in downtrend & not yet touched oversold zone.
--> Market has corrected more than 100 points in this correction. In 2nd chart you can see, 3 times profit booking has taken place. And all these time market has corrected exactly or less than 100 points. And also all these times market correction had found support @ 21DMA levels. But this time market has corrected more than 150 points in & also didn't found support @ 21/20 DMA level support.
--> And from world market perspective, our market is resilient in correction & is lagging the trend.

So looking at all these points, I feel market may find supports at 5250 levels & if corrects/breaks this level also then 5000 levels on Nifty would be ideal point for demand side. And also this 500 points correction leads to 10% correction which same as our previous 3-4 correction in this year.

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