Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prime Minister's New Year Message: A SWOT ANALYSIS

Today, 31st December 2011, last day of the year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave a rather lengthy speech, which is unusual of his nature!
While wishing citizens of the country, he summarized socialistic eras problems, nations achievement after 1990s reforms, upcoming challenges.

He identified 5 key challenges:

1. Livelihood Security (education, food, health and employment),
2. Economic Security,
3. Energy Security,
4. Ecological Security and
5. National Security

While addressing first challenge PM gave very firm and confident speech regarding the power of education (taking his own example), food security, employment creation and health standards.

In second challenge tackling, an economic turned politician, Prime Minister scored most out his total speech (as it is his STRENGTH). But the possible WEAKNESS is whether he and his government will be able to push through the much needed reforms! Whether they will be successful in convincing the allies, states, opposition parties in GST implementation, FDI in retail, subsidy reduction and etc which might become 2nd generation reforms and can become India's OPPORTUNITIES in coming days.

Again Energy Security has been the worst problem and will be the THREAT for future super power. At present we are pathetically mishandling the production, procurement, supply and distribution. The big question is whether the PM will be able to take his stance as firm as during Nuclear deal scene in empowering National Power Production companies.

Ecological security is a very complicated and conflict of interest situation as country is hungry for Industrialization, Service oriented development & Infrastructure improvement. Whether his Cabinet ministers will be able work cordially without fighting on National TV sets!

Final one is National security, which is a clear THREAT for the country from outside as well as internally.

Bottom line:

If Prime Minister and his Cabinet Minister perform to their full ABILITY and CAPACITY, the above mentioned 5 challenges can be easily achieved!

Click here for PM's full speech.

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