Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good articles...

Sometime back I read a very good article called ESCAPING DEPRESSION 2 in by Robert Samuelson. Its an interesting article where in he has compared present economic crisis with 1930 great depression with lot facts & figures.

Many people wrote many articles about BUBBLES happened in the history, but I read an article which talks about probability future BUBBLES.

There was article in Business Standard about Central Banker's Dilemma about monetary policy.

Article about Money Supply.

Everybody knows that Bharti Airtel's efforts of acquiring MTN failed due to some reasons. But there is a very good opportunity for Bharti in Banking sector. Read this article in ET.

There is very good discussion about Indian Telecom Sector in today's Business Standard.

Read this article about FTA & Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's silent efforts...

There is an analysis about GOLD FUTURE in today's business line.

In today's Business Standard there is an article about Disinvestment Policy & it's purpose. Have a look at it...

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